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Low Frequency Vibration Testing Machine

Low Frequency Vibration Test Machine is widely applicable to the defense, aerospace, communications, electronics, automobiles, household appliances and other industries. The type of equipment used to detect early failure, to simulate the actual condition assessment and structural strength test, and a wide range of applications, applicable wide test results significantly reliable.


Model NumberXB-OTS-S50ZY
Power:1 Phase AC 220V/50Hz
Operating ambient temp:0~+45ºC
Frequency range(Hz):3~400Hz
Sweep-frequency range(Hz):3~400Hz
Vibration direction:vertical and horizontal
Set time range(s):1~350000 s
Working table size L.W.H(mm)450×450×43mm
Machine size L.W.H(mm):1300×570×450mm
Control chamber size L.W.H(mm:420×300×750mm
Max Acceleration :17G (no load)


1,Digital instrument display the vibration frequency synchronization squelch belt drive the test fixture using rail,easyof operation,safety,the machine base is made of heavy duty channel with damping pads-easy installation,smooth running,without having to install anchor bolts,DC motor speed,smooth runningload capability,the rotary vibration(commonly known as the Happy Valley-type),in line with European standards for the transport.

2,Set way: Chinese and English menu, computer operation, the use of specialized monitoring and control software, test of the whole process of handling and output.

3,Display functions: dynamic display test curves, multi-Dan, on the number of data.

4,Curve recorder features: real-time record of the test data, test data automatically, the test results can be stored, printed.


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