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Xenon Test Chamber


The xenon lamp weather resistance test chamber is most suitable for simulating the natural whole sunlight spectrum xenon arc lamp and reproduces the destructive light waves of different environments. It can be used to screen new materials, improve existing materials, or evaluate material durability.

Product Specification

Inner Box Size (D×W×H)800×800×800mm
Outside Dimension (D×W×H)1150×1350×1750mm
Xenon lamp life2000hours
Humiture Range(RT+10)~70°C; 30~98%RH
Humiture uniformity≤± 2°C; ≤± 3%RH
temperature test chalkboard65±3℃ (can be up to 100℃)
Rainfall time1~9999min, adjustable
Rainfall cycle1~9999min, adjustable
Rainfall cycle1~240min, the interval is adjustable

Xenon lamp light

xenon long-arc lamp, 6KW±10%, 290-800nm,
1120W/m2±200(Lamp filter  300~400nm)

Xenon lamp power

(water type full solar spectrum long arc xenon lamp)
Heating/humidifying power2.0KW/2.0KW
Sample spinning machine speed2R/min (adjustable) 580mm heel diameter
Distance from specimen to arc center290mm, Effective exposure area 6400cm2
Water Pressure0.1~0.2Mpa(adjustable) 240ML/min (three nozzle)

Xenon Test Chamber Features

1.The inner chamber is made of advanced stainless steel plate. The outside skin is made of SUS304# stainless steel card pate.

2.Dynamic rotating sample frame, speed can be adjusted.

3.Using the imported intelligence temperature control instrument, PID adjustment, and fast auto-tuning. It can set up many kinds of technical parameters. Temperature direct digital display reading is very convenient.

4.A filter light observation window, harmful gas vents.

5.Double metal the blackboard thermometer.

6.This weather resistance test chamber has a variety of safety protection devices.

Xenon Test Chamber Applications



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