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Three Box Type Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Thermal Shock Test chamber used to test the material structure or composite material in an instant by the extremely high temperatures and very low temperature continuous environment which can endure the degree of order in the shortest possible time to test its thermal expansion and contraction caused by chemical changes physical harm. The applicable the object material, including metals, plastics, rubber, electronic, ..., etc., High quality thermal shock test chamber can be used as the basis of its product improvement of reference.


Internal size WxHxD(cm)36×40×3540×50×4050×60×5060×75×5080×85×60
External size WxHxD(cm)148x175x160150X175X165155x185X165165x200X175185x210x185
Shock Temperature ragne-65°C~150°C
Heating up timeRT~200°C about 35min
Cooling down timeRT~-70°C about 90min
Temp recover time/change time ≤ 5min
Temp control accuracy±0.5°C / ±2.0°C
distribution accuracy


1,Equipment area is divide into three areas: high temperature, low temperature , the test area of three parts, the test products is placed in the test area, the temperature of the high temerpature zone or low temperature impact area into the test area impact test products for Static .

2,Using touch graphic control interface easy operation ,stable, safety

3,The way of impact : Application of air duct swithing temperature into test area, do the thermal shock impact test.


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