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We are here to help you. After-sales services are available:

Replacement manuals

We supply Consumables and replacement parts

Inside maintenance and repair

Warranty support

Over-phone service support and advice

Over-phone technically help

If you have an OTS chamber , we will do our best to help you in whatever way we can.

Manuals: We have PDF files of manuals for current models are available free. If you need more, please contact us to request a copy. Older and printed copy at additional charge.

Service repair: We prefer you contact us directlyto our factory,we can do our best for your questions. We help diagnose and fix which problems you have, and we also can schedule a technician who can teach you solving the problems. If your company is enough close to us, we can send couple technicians to help you as soon as possible. We also guarantee the work .

Thanks your cooperation sincerely, it has been our company’s pleasure to help you!

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Replacement manuals

Consumables and replacement parts

On-site maintenance and repair

Over-the -phone service support and service

Manuals: PDF files of manuals for current models are free

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